Vardo Witch

G-Great goddess, I thank thee f-for heeding mine call. I-I…” She ran out of steam. This is a poorly thought out, and badly executed plan, she mused.

Chidiebere, apprentice engineer and part-time plumber-sorcerer, and Kurra, her opinionated hearth-hob, embark on an adventure that crosses realms after Kurra overhears the mysterious Cardinal talking with their factory boss.

With the assistance of a pair of Roma hedge-witches, the four friends attempt to unpick the dark events in the factory, before fleeing to sanctuary in a magical realm.

Will Chi ever be the same again after witnessing the magical realm? Will Kurra break free from her domestic servitude? Can they stop the might of the Church from destroying the real home Kurra so desperately seeks?

The Errant Heirs Caper

The door says “JD Pierson, Investigator,” but since Dad lost his way in a bottle of gin, the chair at

Sacrifice of the Sinners

Keep your head down. Follow orders. The mission is paramount.As a psychic warrior in the elite Order of Amazons, Peri

Staying for You

Austin Holt screams strength, provocative impatience, and Montana-raw masculinity. Rightly so, women around town throw themselves at him. But to

Naughty Neighbors

Camila is a tired nurse just trying to get a full night of sleep. But the neighbors next door are

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