Waymarks for Authors

an unbiased overview of publishing

Are you overwhelmed by conflicting information about publishing?

Do you know what constitutes good fiction, why some fiction is perceived to be better than others, why some novels end up in print while others don’t? Waymarks for Authors provides an unbiased and practical overview of writing and selling fiction today – the whole caboodle. With myth-busting simplicity, it exposes the forces that truly drive the fiction market. For the aspiring author it provides over seventy signposts towards the ultimate goal of publication, exposing the true scope of the undertaking. For the fiction-reader, this work opens thought-provoking questions for those who think they know the meaning of a ‘good book’.

Can you afford to not read it?

The author has been a writing tutor for many years, has served on the committee of a national writing organisation. She has a BEd and an MA in Creative Writing. She has several mainstream novels published, enjoys reading good fiction in many genres, and has a great respect for fiction writers who go that extra mile to produce a well-crafted product.


If you do have any comments, things you perceive to have been omitted, or anything you believe to be incorrect, I’m open to suggestions.

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