Wings Not Stings

Turn your negative mental illness coping mechanisms into positive mental wellness life strategies.

In Wings Not Stings, E.S. Magill shares her personal journey of conquering a lifetime of mental illness. This book offers hope for those struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and other mental illnesses. The concept of “wings” and “stings” teaches readers to recognize unhealthy behaviors and replace them with healthy ones. With a clear and concise style, she shares the tips, tricks, and tools that she uses to build a happier and more productive life.

Wings Not Stings is the perfect guide for anyone looking to develop healthy life strategies to manage their mental illness. Although she is not a doctor or scientist, she has firsthand experience with mental illness. The author draws on over forty years of suffering with mental illness and shares her story of how she conquered her own mental health issues. She has dedicated much of her life to understanding mental health and has finally found the tools to overcome her own struggles.

With Wings Not Stings, E.S. Magill offers readers practical and achievable steps to manage their mental illness and find a path to a better life. Take the first step towards your own personal transformation.

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