Writer’s Gulch

Three Fantastical Short Stories about Writers and Writing

Three humorous short stories that involve writing, writers, and the written.

The Guttenburg Treaty: A small bookstore is faced with disaster when the characters suddenly start jumping from book to book, until an all-out genre war threatens to erupt.

Show and Tell: A public school teacher is convinced one of his pupils is delusional because she insists her mother—a popular children’s story writer—owns a unicorn.

Writer’s Gulch: Metaphor as Story. In an Old West setting, The Writer tries to mine for Story, and builds what he believes is a thriving and vibrant boom town around it. But is it?

Also includes a preview of the novel Trooper 4

Undying Love

When architect Meredith Reed inherits her family’s plantation after the devastating loss of her own family, she must choose how


We all wear masks. He came to me like a ghost singing songs of the past… An angel, promising redemption.

Dearly Departing

Ray Wallace has had enough of life. His wife has left him for another man and his drug-addicted daughter is

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