4 STEPS TO PEACE – How To Overcome Worry, Fear and Anxiety.


The Coronavirus Pandemic

TODAY THE WORLD IS LOCKED DOWN DUE TO CORONAVIRUS, a situation that has not ever happened in many of our lifetimes. Fear, panic, anxiety, worry are all words that describe what many feel at a time like this.

We ask: “What will happen to my family, my friends? And what will happen to me?”

There is reason to fear and to be afraid. Thousands are dying, maybe millions by the time this dreaded virus is controlled. Plus, many are now quarantined to their homes, and others can no longer go to work, provide the income they need for their families, eat at their favorite restaurant or sit at the bar or pub and have a drink.

Everything has been turned upside down. Watching TV to keep informed only adds to our anxiety as we are constantly bombarded with bad news not only about the spread of this coronavirus but of all the social disruption paralyzing our world.

My God…all the anxiety! Is there a way to reduce the anxiety and fear that we feel?

We must realize that anxiety and fear are normal. It is not a sin or wrong in any way to feel these feelings. If a Mac truck came into your lane while driving and was ready to mow you down, YOU WOULD FEEL FEAR. This panic makes you move the direction of your car to quickly avoid a head-on collision.

That’s good! There are healthy fear, anxiety, and concern.

Anxiety and fear are OK. It’s just what you do when it comes to calling on you that can make all the difference.

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