A Castle in the Clouds


Rule #1: Never let the students see you flirt.

Aspiring romance novelist and new English teacher Miranda Scott has her head in the clouds and her nose buried in a book in search of another fictional hero. Raised by a single mother, extravagant trips to castles overseas are only a fairytale…until a co-worker’s accident has her boarding a plane to teach creative writing on an all expenses-paid school-sponsored trip.

Beloved high school History teacher Joshua Clark sacrificed his social life in high school and college to care for the aging grandparents who raised him and his younger sister. But after their deaths and his sister’s graduation, it’s finally time to spread his wings. Hopefully his time chaperoning an overseas trip and seeing history in person will help him figure out what the next chapter holds.

The next eleven days traveling from Scotland to England and even Paris could teach these two wounded hearts to let go of the past and dream again. But falling in love surrounded by teenagers was never the plan.

If you like classic literature, history, and matchmaking teenagers, then you’ll love this latest installment from the Within the Castle Gates series by Candee Fick.

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