A Steamy Bad Boy Romance


"Another day, another lay - if I play my cards right tonight."

Who needs a relationship when you get texts like this:

“Are you “up” for a hot crazy night inside me tonight?”

Am I a superficial bastard who can’t commit to a woman past next Tuesday? Absolutely.

I’m blindsided and rendered helpless when I knock the undiscovered enthralling Grace off her feet.

She’s untouchably divine. She’s innocent. I must have her.

And I’ve got her, at least as a friend, until her half-naked beautiful ass runs into my roommate Patrick. Her chiropractor Dr. Patrick. The man who thinks he’s in love with her.

If I think keeping my rampant sexual thoughts for Grace in check is going to be easy, I’m sorely mistaken.

Keeping her from Patrick may be impossible.

I’m barely surviving as just friends. I’ll do anything to be her forever lover.

This small military town isn’t big enough for both of us. Patrick’s heroic service is touching Grace’s heart.

How far am I willing to go to win her love? To claim the one woman who can change my devilish ways, and make me an honest man?

As far as it takes.

Falling Grace is a deliciously steamy small-town friends to lovers romance.  If you like undeniable chemistry and emotionally fulfilling love stories, you’ll fall for Grace too.

"This is a fascinating read and in a class all on its own. If you are ready to be taken on an exceptional journey, with romance, and an enormous amount of passion, this book is for you. I would recommend reading this when you have a few hours of uninterrupted time available. "
Peggy McColl, New York Times Bestselling Author


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