A Study of Vodyanoy Water Spirit of Eastern Europe


Ugly. Evil. Treacherous! Discover the life of the Vodyanoy, Slavic water spirit.

This is a “teaser” for the Spirits and Creatures series, to give the reader a taste for the style and content of the books. The topic itself is complete, however, and is not available anywhere else. Current books in the series are 1) Household Spirits and 2) Rusalki – Slavic Mermaids. Future books will be about dragons, witches, nymphs & fairies, vampires & werewolves, and so much more. Extensive research goes into each book and each spirit or creature. In addition to readily available “facts” about the topics, we look for information that is more obscure. To make the spirits and creatures come alive, we include anecdotes, legends, fables, videos, music, and illustrations. We hope you enjoy this journey.

Take A Little Risk

A girl shouldn’t need to engage in crazy antics to gain her fiancé’s attention, but here I am . .

The Cymage

With each cough death looms closer. Only an experimental technology can save him. New meaning enters his life when a

The Land Grab

Two women “of a certain age” have driven to the Town of Speedway, Indiana (home to the Indianapolis 500), because

The Billionaire’s Path

Dean Harvester has it all. He’s the CEO of an award-winning real estate firm in Manhattan with a personal net

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