A Vote For Death: A Novella


Can a child win against a world gone evil?

A mysterious vote. A rural town under siege. An old slaughterhouse ready for the unspeakable. And one nine-year-old girl who risks everything to stand against evil.

When her small town must enforce the result of a mysterious referendum, Mei-lin Johnson’s life is turned upside down. The town is blockaded by foreign soldiers, there are government spies in her school, and no-one’s allowed to talk about it. Although she’s just nine years old, Mei-lin is sure that something terrible will happen. And she’s right—though the barbarity will take a gruesome form wildly beyond even her darkest fears.

The life of her beloved companion Anna Katz, an elderly war veteran living with Mei-lin’s family, is at stake. Now the young girl must decide whether to risk everything against a strange, invisible, all-powerful enemy. What happens when a feisty nine-year-old girl takes on a world that’s gone evil?

This horror-suspense novella by Edwin Brightwater is set in rural New Zealand during an alternate version of the 1980s. Tensely paced in gripping prose, its characters must confront hard issues of personal courage, morality, and abuse of power—with a stunning ending whose final twist you won’t see coming!

"Gripping, moving, suspenseful. In a word: unputdownable."
Tony Kuo, suspense fan


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