Aloha Summer


A Sweet Beach Romance

Layla Myers doesn’t expect she’ll ever find love again after her fiancé dies in a tragic accident.

And she certainly doesn’t expect to be on vacation in Maui with a broken ankle, being attended to by Dr James Norton, aka Dr Healing Hands.

Then there’s Kai Hunter, a local carpenter, who has an uncanny ability to read her mind and say just the right things at the right time.

Meeting these two different but charming and caring men has turned her whole world upside down – she had thought that she knew her direction in life, but now she feels completely lost.

Will she learn how to live and love again? Will the magic of Aloha heal her broken heart?

In this touching and uplifting sweet romance, Layla soon discovers that when she surrenders and follows her heart, life leads her right where she’s meant to be.

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"I loved the characters and following Layla's journey!"
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