Taken to the messes of Hybrids....

Jena is a Nineteen Year that is strong resilient, and intelligent. C-976 is an genetically mortified hybrid human that is owned by the government financed program Human Alien Soldiers Modification or HASM. Danielle is a newly picked Healer they saved Jena’s life and instantly falls in love with her. The HASM will not have this chaos under their authority. While Jena is trying to escape the whole massacre of a mess, both man and monster are trying to woe her over. All Jena wants to do is get the hell out of the madness that are orchestrated by the HASM, so that she can avenge her mother and brother.

The Doc Next Door

Dr. Sadie Evans finally has the stable life she’s always craved. Her dream job, a small place to call her

The Taste of Infidelity

Jessica Stroker wore the pants in her marriage. And she wanted it that way. Except that her husband, Ron, bored

Goodbye Benjamin

You are not alone. One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage, and whether it’s been ten minutes or ten years,

The Elemental Heist

Cole decided to leave the underworld and its shadows behind, and to achieve this, he needed to steal the most

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