Amelia & Athers


Amelia & Athers had worked together well countless times. This mission was just like any other.

But what happens when a trained killer like Amelia comes face to face with an innocent child whose father she must kill?

Well, she must look deep down and muster the will to do what is right …

… begrudgingly.

A Time & a Place

Tianna is a Timesinker, a fae-blood magecrafter with the ability to travel through time. Her journey begins when she is

Growing Up Princess

My name is Aimi Wilby. I am not a real person. But I might be. It depends on your imagination.

Fighting for Us

Fighting for Us Book 1 in the Love is Worth Fighting For Series LORENZO I had it all. A wonderful

Before Coco Bay

Emily McIntosh has been living the dream in Canada for five years. She works as a tourism director for a

About the Author

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