An Endless Array of Broken Men


For these battlefield surgeons, hell is in session.

The impetus for my larger work Not One Among Them Whole, this novella received honorable mention in The Seventeenth Edition of the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror (2003). An Endless Array of Broken Men is an intense story of the deep wounds inflicted on the surgeons at a battlefield hospital as they labor endlessly over the wounded in a time before germ theory or antisepsis.
This novella is the prologue, Book 0 if you will, to the full novels composing The Gettysburg Trilogy. Kirkus Reviews calls Book 1: Not One Among Them Whole, “a gritty, unalloyed treatment of a savage conflict..” It’s an intense story of the surgeons struggling to save lives and maintain their own sense of sanity amid the chaos and carnage of a battlefield hospital at Gettysburg. Book 2: The Matriarch of Ruins, tells the story of the civilians and wounded in the same place and time (the books share elements). Kirkus Reviews calls Book 2 “a dark, artistically rendered, and historically edifying tale.”
Book 3, about the undertakers, will be published in 2021.

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