Antipodes: Crossroads


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Driven and focussed, Freyja Jorgensen has her life mapped out – vet school, and a rewarding career. Then one lie derails her plans and sets her on a new path. As an outbreak threatens the planet, she is selected to help form a modern sustainable community with a group of highly skilled young people.

Hiding from her past, Freyja struggles to connect until she meets Cam, with demons of his own. Crossroads is the exciting prequel to the Antipodes series.

The Antipodes series is a unique work of fiction, set in present-day post-apocalyptic Australia. Aimed at new adults who are disillusioned with our world, and concerned for the ecological future of our planet, Antipodes focuses on the values our society lacks–sustainability, inclusion, community and friendship.

" Strong female, alternate intro to Antipodes I always love a story with a strong female lead, and I love this alternate intro to Antipodes. Freyja is awesome, and knows what she wants. An intelligent, easy to read coming of age dystopian fiction novella that focusses more on the community and characters than the outbreak that led them all to the protected community. by Honi on December 12, 2020"

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