Barefoot Alice


“Beautifully written, it is an enchanting story that I will read again and again.” Reader’s Favorite ~ 5 Star Award

“BarefootAlice” is a heart-warming tale of one woman’s journey of loves, lost and found, of discovering ancestral ties and the magical interconnection with life.

Dumped by her husband and homeless, middle-aged Alice finds herself at the Rail Stop Café in a northern gold mining ghost town during a snowstorm.

Surrounded by wilderness and a strange community at Golden Lake, Alice finds shelter in a 200-year-old schoolhouse with its ethereal teacher and students. Facing the inevitability of a life alone, she unravels legacy secrets with the help of a kindly old man, the community around and a mysterious wilderness man. She encounters descendants of Dr. Barnardo’s British HomeChildren, gold rush fever, an unconsecrated baby burial, ghost hunting tourists and infringing upscale cottage estates.

Befriended by the old schoolhouse ghosts and community, Alice is challenged to survive and overcome a lonely life.

Alice’s heartwarming journey celebrates the life-affirming qualities of resilience, the importance of community; of this world and spirit world, and the power of love to change lives.

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