Before The Whispers


Before the whispers came, the world was an ordinary place...

Before the whispers came, the world was an ordinary place…Everyday life; dinner with your parents, going to work, dating…it all comes to a halt the day that the outbreak happens. And you will remember the day forever. Unless you die…Follow the beginning of the story for all your favorite characters as they face the impending doom of a zombie takeover in the world they once thought was sane and normal. And find out how Malchus began to hear the zombies whispering to him.

Overdoses in Olympia

Nick O’Flannigan thought he was just starting out on a freelance photography assignment. But when he arrives in Olympia, he

The Unsuspecting Suspect

When a body is found in a cane field, there’s plenty of suspicions to go around. Inspector Harvey Benskin is


Melanie Destin has arrived on Luna, enthusiastic about starting a new chapter in her troubled life. Unfortunately, despite her particular

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