Bollywood P.I.


California Dreaming

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An idealistic daydreamer and a little group of misfits stumble upon a bizarre crime operation – and find themselves on the run for their lives.…

Jita Patel punches numbers and coddles patients at a health clinic in California. Her only excitement is a daily dose of Bollywood P.I. (starring a senior citizen), and dodging her mother’s matchmaking attempts (“no” and “wtf” don’t seem to work.)

Hoping to hone her P.I. skills and find out more about her cousin’s disappearance, Jita rushes into a missing person’s case. Armed with a wonky firearm and a dodgy P.I. certification, Jita uncovers the unimaginable – with far-reaching consequences.

Time is running out and there’s no turning back.
Only the unexpected can save them.

"…a fun, light-hearted read. Part romantic-comedy, part mystery novel, its main character, Jita, is a funny, likable heroine, endowed with the amazing ability to get herself in — and out — of various scrapes. Jita's interactions with her mother, who is determined to see her wed, were hilarious, and the cast of side characters added color and humor to the tale. This is the first book in what promises to be an engaging series in the same vein as Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series."
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