Brazen Fire


These blazing hot firemen bring the heat!

Three sexy firemen. Two threats on her life. One brazen woman. Things are about to get hot!

There’s nothing like almost dying to give you the kick in the pants that makes you really live. I went from dumped girlfriend to damsel in distress to femme fatale pursued by the three real life heroes who saved her—in an evening.

With my new lease on life, weren’t these savior types a little too by the book for me? My roommate has a theory – the more wholesome a guy acts, the crazier he wants things between the sheets. Simon, Harrison and Grant act very wholesome.

But the more time we spend together, the more I got to appreciate them as the men they let no one else see. Grant, my goofy bear of a man who enjoys control? Flirty Harrison, who hides his pain behind a smile? Sexy Simon, whose strong arms shield me from the world? But how could I choose?

Except, they’re not interested in making me pick only one? But am I ready for the wild ride they promise?

Brazen Fire is a scorching, stand-alone RH filled with adventure and love with a guaranteed HEA!

Xixan and Nikki

After a tragic accident claimed the lives of her son and husband, Nikki thought life couldn’t get any worse. That

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