Caged Bird


Can he immerse her into a world of pleasurable pain to escape her demons?

A caged bird.

That’s how he thinks of her as he keeps her in the basement, locked inside a massive ornate bird cage.

He feeds her trays of food through the bars and tries to offer her fresh clothing, but she throws them back at him.

That isn’t what she wants. No kindness. Deep down, he knows what she needs immersion into a world of pleasurable pain in order to escape her demons.

But he’s unsure if he’s the one who can offer her what she needs….

After all, she made him do this…

Please note: Caged Bird is a novella. It is the story of what happens to Jess and Chapman after the end of the Monster Trilogy, but can be read as a complete standalone. Contains triggers you have been warned!

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“Thrilling, emotional, and depraved, with twists and turns you don’t see coming.” ~Kristen Mae, bestselling author of Red Water “Fearless,

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