Chasing Forever


She's done running from her past.

Fall in love with the McAllisters of Seaview, Maine: enticing with a suspenseful edge, relatable characters, devourable plot, and just the right amount of steamy.

Resilient to the core, Maddy McAllister has worked hard to overcome losing everything to her abusive ex. But when he comes back with plans to win her back at any cost, while destroying the town that turned their back on him, Maddy has to face her past head-on.

No stranger to danger, former deep-sea diver Chase Anderson will be there for Maddy every step of the way. If she’ll let him. Passion ignites when they can no longer ignore the sparks between them.

When Maddy’s past threatens to crush everything she cares about, her world is turned upside down. And, maybe that’s not a bad thing…

Cold Justice

Gunnery Sergeant Ed “Mase” Mason can’t sleep. His dreams are haunted by the ghosts of his platoon members, crying out

Petrified Wood

If so, she imagines it’s going to be pretty similar to the present: Life as a hardworking office drone by

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