Combat Genesis


Centuries after the blast, single combat decides everything.

Ojisan, a young healer, urgently needs the best warrior-for-hire to win in the dispute arena. Victory against an angry father is his only chance to save the woman he loves. But if she has the mutation, a win might not be enough. She shows signs of an emerging ability that, uncontrolled, threatens her life. Ojisan is the only one who can save her.

In a story spanning generations, Kiriai, a young girl, tears open the wounds from Ojisan’s past. Her parents lie sick and dying, confined to iso. Ojisan is forced to confront the government’s rules entrenched after the devastating plagues of the past. Can he save Kiriai from becoming an orphan? Will one young girl melt a heart that’s been frozen for decades?

Fans will love discovering how Ojisan and Kiriai’s story began. New readers will enjoy the intricacies of their world. Experience how past and future collide in this thrilling prequel to the YA World of Combat Dystopia series by Misty Zaugg.

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Lion on Fire

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