Company Valuation 101 – Video Course


Don't spending money on expensive stock picking services when you can do it yourself

In this free video course, you’ll learn how to correctly value a company you are looking at investing in.

You’ll get
– 1 Hour of training videos explaining our process
– A custom spreadsheet to perform your calculations

"I really liked the way this book approaches investing in general. It leads from the standpoint that real investing is all about focusing on gradual gains over long periods of time; unlike what we see on social media, “get rich quick” returns are extremely hard to come by, and we can lose our shirts chasing them if we’re not careful. This book resets readers’ expectations on investing in general, stating that you actually can make a lot of money in the stock market, in a reliable fashion, if you just stick to the basics and follow a few key principles. The book reminds me of some of the more popular works in the genre, including those by Warren Buffet, Ray Dalio, and Benjamin Graham. And if this one stacks up to those (which it does), then I think you could say it’s probably on the right track! So, in sum, there are many great investing lessons to be learned here. It’s definitely worth picking up whether you’re new to investing or just need a refresher course."
5 Star Amazon Review

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