Cowboy & Honey: The Commitment


How it all began...

Cowboy & Honey: The Commitment is the first scandalous and steamy novelette of the Honeyrose Collection, following a story of forbidden love.

When a hunt goes awry and wilderness guide Joshua Stone faces the jaws of a charging grizzly, life as he knows it is forever altered. A lethal combination of whiskey and wounded pride set fate in motion, forever entangling Joshua to his employer’s young wife, Honey.

It’s 1887 when Denver attorney Robert Blackwell hires the renowned guide and chef to lead a hunting party of his peers into the Colorado wilderness. Honey Winsor Blackwell doesn’t fit into the same mold as the other wives and is instantly intrigued by the hired guide with the brooding blue eyes, only known to her as Cowboy. At first, her observations are covert and curious, stunned at the simple sensuality of a kitchen towel slung over the man’s brawny shoulder as he prepares a delectable meal.

Joshua notices Blackwell’s wife isn’t as starchy as the others, her earthy beauty catching his attention right off. He’s impressed when she insists on accompanying the men hunting, her ease with a rifle apparent. He doesn’t miss the way she studies him, too, but he isn’t about to lose a job over what he perceives to be a dissatisfied and wayward wife…until that momentous night when he is forced to take a stand.

Books 2, 3, and 4 of the Honeyrose Collection (Spring and Summer 2021 release) spans from the fog of San Francisco to the sunny coast of Spain, all stand-alone novelettes and yet subtly interwoven. Book 4 reenters Joshua and Honey’s life once again to form an imperfect and satisfying circle.

"Short. Intimate. Intriguing. Wow, that was hot! Book 1 of this western romance is set in 1897. We meet Honey and Cowboy, lovers who share stolen moments. This story is intimate - not only for the love scenes but also for the emotional connection between the main couple. Usually I don't care for a cheating spouse in a romance, however here it makes sense. This well-written novelette ends on a hopeful note but it is far from over. I look forward to learning more about the other characters in this richly detailed series and wait for the continuation of Honey and Cowboy's intriguing entanglement. 5 stars"
5 Star Amazon Review

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