Ben Gabriel needs to kill a man. But which one?

An assassin on a mission in an African country … But can he do it? And will he kill the right man?

Ben Gabriel is damaged. There isn’t a nicer way of putting it. Discharged from the British Special Forces, he is now trying to pick up the pieces of a life that has fallen apart.

But Ouagadougou, capital city of Burkina Faso, deep in the heart of Africa, is probably not the best place to do that.

Because Gabriel is here to kill a man …

But can he do it? Will he overcome the damage that haunts him and make the right decision?

Or is Gabriel no more than a weapon in the hands of his masters?

Decisive is a Gabriel Series novella that delves deep into the complex psyche of the series’ main character.

"A flawed hero who's drawn into a tangled web on intrigue and governmental cover ups in an African nation. Found myself reading late into the night!"
5 Star Amazon Review

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