Elixir of Life


Immortality always has a price

After a rash of murders, a witness has come forward and requested her specifically. But when Agent Christine Daniels meets with her, the woman confesses to the crimes instead. Yet Miss Liana Sandland seems far from what Daniels expected as the perpetrator of the weird crimes. Plus, the woman seems eerily acquainted with Daniels, though the FBI agent is sure she’d remember meeting someone like her before.

Did she truly commit the crimes or is she just insane?

The Runner-Up

12-year-old Michelle Gilmore wants the approval of her parents so much she’ll do anything. When her attempt at winning a

Mostly Dark

Like the phases of the moon, Mostly Dark waxes and wanes with thirty tales of darkness and light. An intriguing

Infinity + Six Feet Under

Infinity – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Would highly recommend. I’ll definitely be reading more of his books…” “Great story and very well written…”

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