Encounter At Spindrift Cottage


A summer romance to remember. But is love as fleeting as the summer? Or is there room in his future for her?

Liz Bennett is on vacation at Spindrift Cottage with her two best friends. They joke about meeting a handsome man for a wonderful holiday romance, but they don’t expect one to actually appear. 

The reclusive Jeremy is not only handsome, but he’s mysterious and exciting, too. The only problem is that no one can get him to say more than a few words, which just adds to the mystery surrounding him. 

One day, a huge storm blows in, knocking out the power and trapping them all inside. Liz discovers that Jeremy does know how to say more than a few words and she’s intrigued. Not only is he handsome, but he’s also the most interesting man she’s met in ages. 

He invites her to join him while he works, and after a magical day on the beaches and cliffs around Spindrift Cottage, Liz is smitten. 

But vacations always end, and hers is no exception. Is there a future for her and Jeremy after they leave Spindrift Cottage? Or is love as fleeting as the summer?

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