Fairy Rose book one in the Sedona Series


Lara Clint, finds herself in a situation that would break most people’s spirits, if not their minds, but it only makes her determined to overcome.

Lara Clint, a skilled modern-day daemon hunter hears a voice beckoning her to awaken and remember her rightful destiny. Spooked and concerned for Sedona, the city of her heart, she becomes troubled at the reappearance of an ancient fallen angel bent on revenge.

Rafe Avery, a sidhe warrior and Protector of Dreams is challenged to remove the black rose of darkness and help the chosen one to replace the mystic red rose of love. Time has run out. The gates of Elysium and the magical portals will close to humankind, leaving them at the mercy and control of the revenge-seeking angel.

A hot attraction ignites between the human and the fae as they struggle to accomplish their goals. Lara’s denial of truth threatens to destroy their lives. Is Rafe’s love strong enough to break evil bonds and bring the darkness to justice? Is Lara’s spirit strong enough to overcome the voices in her head.

"I've read stories of the fairy before but this one surprised me. As she blended in yggdrasil (tree of life) with shamanic magic as well... And, in of all the books I've run across, Mab (winter queen, of the winter court) is never seen as nice, but Fairy Rose turns that notion on it's ear. There is some consensual adulting, but that doesn't offend, or get in the way of the storyline! All in all, Fairy Rose was a very fun listen! "

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