For Love or Money: A Billionaire Romance


A lovely story!

HIM: After my staff left me hanging, I was a billionaire forced to fend for myself. But the grocery store might as well be Mars, and I wouldn’t have made it out alive without the help of an angel in the produce section. She agreed to give me cooking lessons, but it’s our chemistry that really turns up the heat. Until the press gets wind of our nightly ritual. Can I trust that her feelings are genuine, or is she just another gold digger?

HER: He might know his way around a boardroom but he’s lost in the kitchen. He offered me an ungodly sum to teach him how to cook, money I could pour into my food truck and ensure its success. But when sparks fly, I worry about mixing business and pleasure. When he accuses me of leaking our relationship to the press, he has his assistant break up with me over the phone! Ouch. So why do I miss him so much?

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