Forever Mine


Second Chance Romance


Having your heart broken is never easy and more so when you’re married and share a child with the person who breaks it.

Needing a breather from my life and the chaos it’s become, my daughter and I packed up and decided to head to the country for the summer holidays. I had hoped returning to my home town would awaken the joy I’ve lost over the years.

But what I hadn’t expected was to find happiness in another man’s arms and so quickly after filing for a divorce from my husband.

Dre Whyte was my high school sweetheart and he’s just as hot, charming and a mountain of muscle as I remembered.

I had returned home to heal but it turns out that my true medicine was the overprotective arms of my ex.



Losing someone you love can be life shattering.

Almost six years ago I lost my wife and daughter, and it’s been a long journey to find peace. However, after many years of mourning, loneliness is starting to set in but I have no interest in dating just anyone or sleeping around for that matter.

With striking blue eyes and a smile that can melt anyone’s heart, Rebecca Silver, a past lover, rolls into town and I’m reminded of what we once shared.

She’s returned with a daughter by her side and pain in her eyes, and it’s not something that sits well with me. Feelings I once had for her return on an unstoppable wave and I’m forced to wonder if I can remind her that love doesn’t always have to be painful?

Can she heal the rest of my broken heart and give me a second chance at happiness?

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