Forgotten Storm (Storm Series Book 1)


A gripping, high heat paranormal romance where Nicole must face her destiny to save the immoral race.

Blues singer Nicole Giordano is terrified of a past she can’t remember. Moving from town to town, she’s always looking over her shoulder. When her only comfort–the beautiful and sexy Logan Moretti who haunts her dreams claiming to be her Guardian–suddenly appears on her doorstep, it triggers an explosion of suppressed memories: her mother’s hatred, physical and sexual abuse, the existence of Other species, and her ultimate destiny–a prophecy foretold hundreds of years ago.

With the help of their friends, Nicole and Logan fight to stay hidden until the prophesied time when she will come face to face with her greatest fear. All the while, they struggle to control their raging desire–a desire that, if unleashed too soon, could destroy them all.

"Forgotten Storm is not just another paranormal romance adventure story. A.R. Vagnetti created a world and characters that feel real and are believable. It has so much action that you rush to get to the next page. The characters are phenomenally believable despite the paranormal components. I love the main female character, Nicole. Her arid sense of humor and her use of sarcasm made me chuckle more than once. Some of her one-liners need to be on a poster. She is strong, despite the intense challenges she endured as a child."
5 Star Amazon Review

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