Fractured Shadows: a Moses and Rock Novel


Will his last chance with the police be the final nail in his coffin?

Will his last chance with the police become the final nail in his coffin?

Detective Inspector Moses Glynn – a veteran investigator whose refusal to back his colleagues has landed him with one final chance.

Detective Constable Juliette Rock – former Army Captain, now on the fast track within the West Midlands Police.

Paired together in the secretive intelligence unit Division 43, Moses and Rock think their first case is an open-and-shut murder, quickly arresting the son of a notoriously brutal criminal. But when detectives from another station furnish the killer with an alibi, it is clear something deeply sinister is afoot.

Before long, Moses finds elements of his past crawling out of the dark and he begins to suspect that unproven allegations against him are the real reason he was chosen for this case.

As Moses and Rock delve into the symbiotic worlds of organized crime and police corruption, they must survive a shadowy underworld, colleagues willing to commit murder to protect themselves, and a history that Moses strives to conceal from everyone, including his new partner.

Their greatest strength might just be what tears them apart – that neither will ever back down.

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