Frostbitten Hearts


She was the only one who could melt his frozen heart, but would she burn him in the process

She is the fire that warms my frozen heart

The vampires bred us in captivity for our magic

Forced us to mate with others

But she was my one true love

Though ripped from my arms ten years ago

I have found her once more

And we have a son

She must take me back to our captors

Or the vampires will kill him

I’ll go…but we do this on my terms

I will have my revenge at last

And take down anyone who gets in my way


Read the story of the real Jack Frost (Air & Water Mage) and his true love Aideen (Fire Witch), Elementals who wield the powers of the elements.

This stand-alone novella is a spin-off story from the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles and a great introduction into this world of vampires, shifters and Elementals.

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