Growing Up Princess


Every little girl's dream is to grow up to be like a princesses. A wish list for young girls who aspire to become a real princess.

My name is Aimi Wilby. I am not a real person. But I might be. It depends on your imagination.

I was created by Bill and Mia Belew. They are a father and daughter writing team. Bill is old. Really old. I mean like ancient. He got tired, then retired, then finally gave up. He doesn’t work at all any more except to help Mia write books about me. Mia is a 6th grader. She goes to a 6-12th grade private Christian school in Silicon Valley. She’s all high-techy and stuff. But, she still really likes books. Books with pages and stuff that you can hold in your hand.

Since Mia writes books about me, I thought I would write a couple of books about her. Yeah. Go figure. She created me. She wrote a series about me. As a result, I decided to write books about her. Does your head hurt yet?

This book is all about princesses. If you’ve never been a little girl then you can’t understand why little girls like princesses or might want to grow up and be a princess … or just be like a princess.

That’s what this book is about … Growing Up Princess.

There are tree parts.

Each gives you an insight into Mia and how she and her dad created me.

The Sisters

Evie always watched her older sister Jenny from afar. Jenny can’t do wrong; she’s the apple of their mother’s eye.

The Invisible Assistant

What begins as a typical corporate event for magician Eli Marks turns into a twisted mystery when he is called

10 Book Chapter Sampler

This Mini-Book has first chapters from 10 different books. There are 3 books of sci-fi/fantasy, 3 historical stories, 3 anthologies

About the Author

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