Helix Genesis


The Interviews

These interviews provide some additional reader background and context to Helix Genesis. I originally wrote them to develop the characters and specifically “hear” their voices. By having a conversation with them about their lives what they were doing during and immediately after the pandemic, I discovered how their experiences shaped them into the people they are.

My second objective was to gain a better understanding of the physical environment in which the drama unfolds. The world depicted is different in many ways and familiar in others. At its extremes, it is order and chaos and it is the narrow path between both that Helix and Gabrielle must walk.


I belong on my farm. Born and raised in the country, I lead a pretty straightforward life. That is, until

Brazen Fire

Three sexy firemen. Two threats on her life. One brazen woman. Things are about to get hot! There’s nothing like


After World War Last, everything changed. A tiny refuge, tucked away in the Rocky Mountains, The Vista, has survived on

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