His Cinderella in Disguise


His Cinderella left him with nothing but a name, but he will need much more to find her...

Alexander Greene, the Marquess of Torwell, is tired of being told to settle. But his views on the subject will shift when he meets a lady at a masquerade ball and falls in love without even seeing her face.

Marie Parson’s life is not one fit for the daughter of an Earl. Her stepmother has been awful to her since her father died, denying Marie her debut in society. 

But when Marie’s stepsister proposes a plan that would allow her to attend a masquerade, she finally gets to live her own fairy tale. Except her charming prince will know her by her sister’s name and not her own…

A lie brought them together and the same lie will threaten to keep them apart. Will they manage to thwart the evil stepmother’s schemes and claim they’re happily ever after?


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