Goblins. Tens of thousands of Goblins A Humorous, epic fantasy adventure story set on the planet Kerr

Tens of thousands of Goblins, intent on razing the land and slaughtering whole towns as they cross the kingdom. Only one thing stands in their way. A Squire, a scout team, and an outnumbered army as they attempt to Hold The Line.

Wild Valentine

I married my best friend. She’s funny and talented and beautiful. She’s the only woman I ever loved. And life

Storm Blossoms

Set in The Pride Of Tigers universe, Storm Blossoms is a short story introducing readers to the realistic martial arts

A Lesson in Love

Rasheed is everything Rose could ever want in a man. He’s charming, intelligent, shares her passion for music, and has

Spirit Notes Fading

A punk band struggles to save their show when it’s upstaged by the wail of a real banshee. A tired

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