Hope When it Hurts: The Scars that Shape Us: A Christian Writers’ Collection


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It’s easy to lose hope, especially in today’s world. Through times like these, we all need to be reminded of the hope of Jesus!


Hope for the Moment is a collection of what we’re calling Devotional Stories, real stories by real people about a real God. There are some heavy moments, but in every story, hope is found and God is glorified. These serve to remind of God’s faithfulness and goodness.


While most of the Christian writers in this collection are women, it can serve to encourage anyone of any age. Writers from around the world have contributed to this collaboration. We celebrate the international feel and have retained author styles.


The deep, personal stories in this collection will inspire and encourage anyone with an open heart.


May the real stories from these real people reflect the real God and add HOPE to your season. There is hope, a living hope in Jesus, one that does not disappoint.


You are not alone. You are loved. You are here for a reason.


Devotional Story titles and authors:*


  • Is This Really Happening? by Pam Pegram


  • Lift Your Eyes by Elenah Kangara


  • My Hope is You by Jodi Arndt


  • Hope for the Moment by Michael Lacey


  • It’s Amazing What You Can Live Through by Angie Walthall


  • Trusting God through Turmoil and Trauma by Meredith Swift


  • You are Good Enough by Mimi Emmanuel


  • Hope in the Darkness by Kelly Walk Hines


  • Real Biblical Hope by Matthew King


  • Walking with God by Kathryn Springman


  • From Trauma to Hope by Jill Rogers


  • Hope in the Waiting by Miranda J. Chivers


  • Driven Toward Hope by Al Ainsworth


  • Hope, Peace, and Cancer-Free by Emily Smith


  • When Hope Seems Lost by Pam Pegram


  • The Garden of Hope by Michael Lacey

*If you’re a Christian writer, you can submit to the next collection! This is a Christian Writers’ Collection produced by Story Builds Creative.

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There’s really no reason to wait, get Godly direction and HOPE now!



"A compilation of real life stories centred around the theme of Hope. Each story gives the reader genuine insights into the scars that have shaped their lives and ultimately the hope they have found in God. As a reader I appreciated the vulnerability and openness of the author’s so that their pain could be used to comfort and encourage the reader. "
Leisa, 5 Star Amazon Review

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