That place between dream and wake when nothing quite makes sense...

From the best-selling author of The Mermaid Asylum series comes the story of Cressida before Vee: dull and dreary, the empress over the sea of dirt and sand. But something isn’t right…

It’s just a normal Tuesday morning in the sleepy fishing town of Silverside, Oregon.

The crabbers come early to check their traps. Every Tuesday just before dawn. Like clockwork. There’s no need for a blaring horn to disturb the peace because there isn’t another vessel for miles.

Just Cressida alone on the beach.

The sky crackles and the sea hums. The world goes quiet, just for a moment, like it’s afraid to draw even a single breath. The stillness is electrifying. But something isn’t right.

Something is out of place…

A sound. Out of place in the frozen dawn. Bustling and squabbling. Feathers beating against the air and snapping against rough brick. Sharp claws scraping stone like flint. Seagulls line up along the rockface and down the angled stilts on either side of the overhang that forms a cave beneath the old Mermaid Asylum. Their fat bodies huddle together against the cold and their feathers ruffle in the wind. They don’t move, not even to blink. Still as gargoyles guarding some mythical treasure. Cressida’s treasure.

And they’re beckoning her inside.

“Insomnia delivers Widdicks’ usual bone-chilling dose of creeping dread and atmospheric lyricism.” -Wendy Heard, author of Hunting Annabelle

“Lyrical and hypnotic…an ominous journey into sleep-deprived madness.” -Meghan O’Flynn, bestselling author of the Ash Park series

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