INVASION: Downfall



Prime Minister Harry Beecham has escaped death by a whisker. The government has collapsed, and London is a war zone. His only option is to flee the city – if he can find a way out.

Escorted by his SAS close-protection team, Harry intends to head for a secret government complex hidden beneath the west country hills. As they make their escape through the besieged city, Harry realises that the target is not just London…

It’s Europe itself.

As England buckles before the might of the Caliphate’s onslaught, the eye of the storm shifts to the north, where scattered British forces are gathering along an ancient border, arming up and digging in deep as they await the final, bloody battle for survival.

A battle they must win so that millions can survive.



★★★★★ ‘A military thriller that will leave you breathless.’

★★★★★ ‘One hell of a story.’

★★★★★ ‘Five stars from beginning to end.’

★★★★★ ‘Absolutely brilliant storytelling.’

★★★★★ ‘Couldn’t put it down. A fabulous read.’

"This book moves you through it at pace. Tight language, easily digestible scenarios which evolve into a tense plotline that can be believed. I barrelled through this book in about two days, purely because it is so well written. Enjoyable to a fault, it takes you to where the plot plays out and you can visualise the development of each phase. This is the work of someone who understands global trends, campaign management and, above all, the intricacies that can unravel even the most carefully put together plan. Alden writes well and tells it without xenophobic rancour or ideological bent. The Arab spring is mentioned as the start of the unification, the credit crunch referenced as the cause of our long-lasting economic woes. There are indicators that could provide the opportunity, as long as the Chinese aren't too powerful too soon, the Russians find their gas supplies are finite and the Americans revert to their isolationist policies. Overall, this is a great read and one to enjoy. Of course, I wouldn't want to end on a negative point but you better carry another book with you as you will finish this very quickly, as it's written very well and you don't want to put it down. -- ARRSE Army Rumour Service, The UK's largest and busiest UNofficial military website"
5 Star Amazon Review

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