Kiss The Dragon


Dragon Ever After Prequel Novella

For 400 years, a tenuous treaty kept the peace between the dragon shifters of Ardell and those of the insular Sea Clan.

Until Baird, youngest son of the Clan Chief, stumbles over a trespasser and chases the thief back to Ardell. Hiding in plain sight as a commoner among traditional enemies, Baird is determined to put things right before the breach plunges his clan into war.
Unable to shift into her dragon form, Riona, crown princess of Ardell, is a pariah among her people. Worse, by law and tradition, she is forbidden from taking the throne. To protect her father from political adversaries and her kingdom from upheaval, she must marry. Soon.
But an accidental meeting in the marketplace leads to a connection neither expected and complications neither can afford. Together, they are plunged into a dangerous search to stop an evil enchanter from unleashing primal magic that will change everything.

The Video

A unique story that will have you biting your nails then laughing out loud! You notice a video on Youtube


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