Kneading the Kink: a Hotwife story


A tense situation gets worse.

Happily married Carlie Jo Chatsworth has thrown her back out and the big golf tournament is only a few weeks away. The somewhat prudish woman hesitates to visit the cheap health spa near her house for the much-needed physical therapy, but they alone have the open calendar.

Tony seems nice and is excellent at his craft but there is something sinister about the place. Carlie Jo can’t quite put her finger on it until she meets Evan, one of Tony’s partners, an ex-stripper and male prostitute with connections to organized crime.

Soon Carlie Jo is making appointments exclusively with Evan, despite her husband’s warnings, and the tense situation gets worse.

"I saw what he did there with the title! Matthew Lee’s stories take a different tone when he writes from the female POV. He gives them refreshingly crisp and frank voices. One such voice was Madison in the “Madison Loves to Ride” series, and there’s a nod to her here, in the form of a massage employee named Madison. The original one gave massages as well, where her hijinks began. This one is younger, but it’s a wink-wink for us faithful fans. Carlie Jo needs massage for a back injury, with a golf tournament coming up. Her first encounter with a handsome young masseur borders on, but does not quite cross the line into, inappropriate. He works her crushingly well, there’s tantalizing hot oil and she realizes he wants her. She’s superficially offended but something else goes on underneath that. She tells her husband Brett, who’s breezy about it and has no problem with her returning. And return she does. Hey, it’s not about seeing the hot young stud at all. She’s got that tournament coming up! And Brett doesn’t seem worried at all that Tony touched her nipple. I liked the slow stoking of her heat over several spa visits to Tony. Then the story takes a couple of twists and turns. Brett, a lawyer, delves into the background of the shop and its denizens. He finds hints of the unsavory. Those hints turn Carlie Jo on even more."
5-Star Amazon Review

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