Life After the Fall


A post-apocalyptic thriller with a military sci-fi twist

Life after the Fall is perilous and hard, especially for the rangers that protect the few walled settlements that emerged from the apocalypse, generations ago. Under constant threat from roamers – men and women twisted by a horrific sickness known as the maddening – Ethan and his companions must brave the wastelands to uncover the resources needed to survive.

Where Ethan hungers to understand the truth of their planet’s dark history, others want to forget. But as he ventures out on a dangerous scouting expedition, the technologically-advanced remnants of the pre-Fall civilization are still locked in a bitter war deep in space; a war that will soon return planetside.

Life After The Fall is a thrilling short read and an introduction to the epic post-apocalyptic military sci-fi series, The Planetsider Trilogy.

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“Thrilling, emotional, and depraved, with twists and turns you don’t see coming.” ~Kristen Mae, bestselling author of Red Water “Fearless,

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