Light on the Mail Order Bride’s Love


After all the troubles in her past, a light beams brightly from afar. Will the bride find true love.

Honora Carter has lost both her father and brother in a stagecoach robbery. Now alone with her younger sister, they are taken under the wing of their oppressive and profit-driven uncle in Montana. Her only way out of the horrible new conditions she finds herself in is replying to a mail-order bride ad.

Taylor Brooks is a young man with unconventional, progressive dreams:  he longs to bring electricity to all the cities of the West. Against his father’s wishes, he follows his dream in California where he is courted by a powerful man’s daughter. Feeling pushed into a power play he puts an ad for a bride in the paper in hopes of legitimizing himself as a married man and moving with his plans of erecting a moonlight tower in San Jose.

But when an unexpected turn of events does not let their plans go as smoothly as they would like, they shall find out the power love is stronger than electricity or human force.

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