Little Hunterman – The Total Introduction Thingy


How I found my human, and how mysterious evil monsters & apps made me into what I am…


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  • The Monday Cartoon Wees (for wee-mail friends, only).
  • The first-ever chapter of the Little Hunterman book (find out how it all started – and how it almost ended because of… well… a gorilla.) Incredibly, this chapter was left out of the book.
  • New Little Hunterman art-squeeze adventures.
  • Stuff my human does not allow me to post on the social media place.
  • Much extra love and nose-nudges.


Totally COOLEST, right?

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The Lost Queen

Raised as a human and unaware she’s destined to become Queen of the Fae, Glori was always an outcast, a


Brady… What the hell do I know about raising a baby? Nothing. Not a goddamn thing. Yet here I am,

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