Losing her V-Card


Losing it has never felt so good!

Resisting my best friend’s younger sister had been easy enough, until she became my new roommate. 


Evie, with her pink hair, effervescent personality, and those camisoles and boy shorts she wore that drove me crazy and kept me in a perpetual state of being hard and grumpy.  I swear that tempting and teasing me was quickly becoming her favorite pastime.  Some days, I wanted to strangle her.  Other times, I wanted to bend her over the countertop in the kitchen and take what she was offering—her v-card.


Except Evie was holding out for love and a happily ever after, and I was no one’s prince charming.

The Sisters

Evie always watched her older sister Jenny from afar. Jenny can’t do wrong; she’s the apple of their mother’s eye.

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