Love Bomb


A rookie private investigator. A cunning cult leader. One chance to save her best friend.

Elita Machiavelli needs her first undercover assignment to go well. But it doesn’t. Worse, the cop involved wants to date her. With no time for romance and no trust in people, the tattooed alpha officer convinces her to take a chance.

But happily ever after doesn’t last long. Her best friend’s parents return, bringing with them Lincoln Jones, the leader of a mind and wellness group who claim to have the answers to all life’s secrets… for a price, of course.

Elita knows something is wrong. From the seminar, the loaded language, and her friends’ sudden change of behaviour. But when the one she loves, points out her own demons may be fuelling her distrust. She makes a promise to let it go.

When her past and her future collide. She must choose between the two most important people in her life. Her first love or her best friend.

Lovebomb is a standalone novella and a prequel to the first book in the Immortalies Series, Order of the Omni.

Read Love Bomb an Immortalies Series Novella today!

"Wow!!! The book had me by it's first page. It kept me till the end!!!! "


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