Love in the Gallery


A Passionate Romance in the Hub of Art

Abigail Rock is a sexy pretty and curvy blonde who’s a lover of art. Everything in her life, including her relationship with her bestie is perfect, except her love life. Yes, men are visual beings but still have hearts in most cases; this isn’t the case with Abigail as men would do anything to have her sexy body but not her heart. Going by this trend, Abigail decides against expecting something phenomenal from any man; however, her conception changes when she meets Frank Miller.


Frank Miller is a cute and focused young man who stops at nothing to achieve his goal, including securing a new job and accommodation. Upon his arrival at his new house, he finds himself irresistibly attracted to his curvy and pretty neighbor. Getting close, he realizes she’s beautiful both within and outward, and they also have something in common.

Abigail is ready to explore but things get complex when she finds her bestie entwined in a love triangle.

Will Abigail’s perception about romance change for better or for worse?

Who does Frank prefer? The slim and pretty  Kate or the intelligent and Chubby Abigail?

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