Man Glitter


All that sawdust in every muscled crevice of my half-naked neighbor looks like man glitter when he handles his wood…

I’m an ER doctor on a mission. My reputation is in tatters from my stint in the big city. I have an urgent care to build in this small town and I won’t let anything stop me from building a new life. Not even that awful saw going in the middle of the night next door. Not even my gorgeous neighbor covered in sawdust. Nope. I’m a goddamn professional.

I’m doing just fine on my own. Got my wood working, my dog, and a steady supply of moonshine. The last thing I need is a hot neighbor with her panties in a twist wreaking havoc on my bachelor life. But she barrels in anyway, making me cut my hand wide open, stitching me up, and living with me until I heal. It would have been torture if teasing her hadn’t become so much fun.

Can opposites get along when forced to live together in a small town named Hell?

"Beautifully done. This book has humor, heart, and an adorable pup. I don’t give out 5 stars often, but this novella has fully earned it. Do yourself a favor and read the lovely feel-good story of a doctor starting over and her quirky misunderstood neighbor. "
5-star Goodread Review

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