My Accidental First Date


I didn't even know I was on a date . . . until he kissed me!

I was twenty-two and clueless, home alone, and bored.

And then the phone rang . . .

What happened next opened my eyes in ways I never knew were possible.

What readers say about My Accidental First Date:

“Surprisingly good story!”

“. . . absolutely charming, humorously self-deprecating. It’s the beginning of his journey, funny, sad, and touching.”

“. . . unexpected and hilarious. . . fun to be in his head while he discovered his new self.”

The Study

Odgerel Zaye calls it ‘a gift’. The United Adaptive neuroscientists call it ‘Pre-Emptive Perception.’ Regardless of its label, the result

Daisy Fields

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About the Author

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