Never Forget


Traumatized military war dog complicates a Navy SEAL's retirement

Retired Master Chief Rusty Kuzinsky has worked his fingers to the bone preparing a retreat called Never Forget, a place for Navy SEALs to find solace and healing after grueling operations. Just as his first guests are due to arrive, a military war dog suffering from PTSD lands in Rusty’s lap, requiring attention he can’t spare.

NCIS Special Agent Maya Schultz has her hands full raising a teenage son on her own. Ten years ago, Rusty witnessed her husband’s death. Now he’s offering her son a summer job caring for his new dog. Maya can’t tell what’s more dangerous—the crazy dog or her attraction to a man she should not find attractive.

But when her son suddenly goes missing, Rusty and his unhinged dog become Maya’s only hope.




" If you haven’t read anything by Marliss Melton, you don’t know what you are missing. Pick up this book for a fun, quick read! You won’t regret it. This book resonates with me. I've read it three times. It gives hope and a never quit attitude.. I recommend you read it to."
5 Star Amazon Review

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